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At the core of any quality translation is a professional translator. A professional translator possesses far more skills than the expertise of two languages. True, this is a vital component of any successful translation, but at Lingosphere Group, we respect that translations are about more than words.

 It’s about communicating a message to an audience.

This is why our team is made up exclusively of language professionals who have dedicated their career to the art and science of translation. To be accepted to our team, a translator must be certified or a member of ATA (American Translators Association). This ensures us, and our clients, that the translator is committed to each project and has the expertise and experience to excel despite any obstacles.

Our translators do more than delve into the world of language for each project. Language is significantly impacted by culture and current events, which is why our translators either live in the region where their chosen language is spoken, or spend considerable amount of time there. This allows them to factor in even the slightest social nuances or regional characteristics that might impact the overall meaning of a message.

Screening translators to provide the best

It takes a great deal of commitment and talent to become a certified translator or member of ATA. Regardless, our screening process requires that our clients go through our own internal qualification program, so that we can be certain they’ll be a good match for our clients.

At the completion of each project, we encourage our clients to provide feedback on the performance of their translator. Translators who continue to receive high marks and positive feedback will be given more work, as we can feel confident in their capabilities and work ethic. Screening our translators and voice talent through this process allows us to produce only the highest quality translations for our global clients. It’s what stands us apart from other providers.

If you are a translator or voice talent interested in working with Lingosphere, please contact us to set up an interview to discuss your qualifications.

Our Clients Include:

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