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Tim Giardina – President

Tim GiardinaMany years ago, I took my first job working in the translation and localization industry and have never looked back. Today, my team of translators and skilled engineers have allowed Lingosphere Localization Group to revolutionize the translation industry. Clients no longer have to go to multiple translation agencies or studios in a variety of cities or countries to complete a project under budget. Our group of over 3000 professional linguists and voice talents, in over 130 languages, is a task I take great pride in developing. We strive to locate the world’s best linguistic providers and voice talent and make them available to all clients seeking professional services. As quality assurance is most important, I actively participate in all Lingosphere projects to ensure a proper workflow, and to guarantee that all translations are of the highest quality.

Maya Tsirulnik – VP of Sales

MayaTsirulnikMaya Tsirulnik joined Lingosphere Group in 2010 and brought with her experience in a number of fields: finance, sales, multimedia and linguistics. Maya is a native Russian speaker who has spent years managing financial and sales accounts at a production company. At Lingosphere, Maya has grown the Lingosphere client list to a forefront leader in the translation and multimedia localization industry. Due to her high understanding of the many industries and niches Lingosphere serves, Maya has been a key factor in the global growth and demand for Lingosphere’s services.

Brad Brady – Senior Project Manager

Brad joined Lingosphere in 2011 with a strong background in in-house production. A perfect fit for our team, he supervises our production specialists by managing day to day operations and project coordination. In addition, he works directly with clients to ensure that the management of all projects – from initial analysis and quotation to final delivery – runs smoothly. Because of his exceptional communication skills, Brad is highly regarded by both co-workers and clients. He has helped Lingosphere build and maintain a trusted reputation within the industry.

Mario Gomez – Senior Project Manager

Previously a Multilingual Media Services Director in the healthcare industry, Mario joined Lingosphere in 2013. His wealth of knowledge about the medical field as well as his outstanding management skills have made him a highly valued member of our group. Mario supervises our internal qualification program, which helps us to choose only the top professional translators in the industry to work for us. He then works with the chosen translator and the client on each project to ensure that turnaround time is quick and translations are precise. During the translation process, he supervises each stage of editing that translations must pass before they are provided to the client. Mario’s expertise with workflow processes impresses clients each and every time.

Tatiana Glazov – Senior Project Manager

Tatiana consistently exceeds the expectations of all of our clients. She joined Lingosphere in 2013 after working for several years in e-learning localization management. Tatiana is responsible for the scope and project objectives, as well as the role and function of each team member involved in our localization projects. An expert problem-solver, Tatiana plans, schedules and manages multiple accounts from their initial stages to final delivery. She ensures that our clients’ needs are met and delivers results on time, every time.

Jun Takada – Head Audio/Video Engineer

With a background in broadcast television, Jun began his career with Lingosphere in 2011. Jun is highly skilled in all technical aspects of our industry. He’s also an effective problem solver and is easily able to adapt to any client’s needs – even as those needs may change during the scope of a project. Jun leads our audio/video team as they work in Lingosphere’s state-of-the-art studios, fully equipped with the latest technology. As Head Audio/Video Engineer, Jun ensures that clients’ messages are seamlessly integrated into both audio recordings and videos.

Jim Wright – Graphic/Flash Engineer

Jim’s Flash, DTP, graphics and animation skills have helped Lingosphere become an industry leader in graphics and animation localization. Jim joined Lingosphere in 2012 after working as a Flash Developer for a software company. With his degree in Computer Science, he has superior technical and creative skills and is well adapted to working in a fast-paced environment. Using the latest software including Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, After Effects and Final Cut Pro, Jim is able to turn all of our clients’ projects into masterpieces.

Our Clients Include:

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