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Since 2002, Lingosphere has strived to bring global linguistic solutions to companies both large and small.


Located within the heart of New York City, Lingosphere is a professional translation agency with access to some of the best linguists around, many of whom have transplanted themselves here in the Metro area. Lingosphere management understands the importance of not only translation, but also following the meaning of each phrase. We take pride in selecting only the most qualified translators, all native speakers of their language who mostly reside in New York City. This gives us the ability to work face to face with our translators, rather then outsource to foreign countries like most agencies do. Yet as we prefer to work with local talent, this does not mean that our client’s costs will be higher. Having a high volume of work helps us to provide translation costs at an affordable rate for projects such as document translation, website localization, software localization, DTP, voiceover, and many more. We love what we do and are willing to work with companies both large and small.

Strength and opportunities

Our New York location gives us an access to an extensive team of translation professionals and voiceover talent from all over the world. For over 10 years, we have worked towards developing an extensive database of linguists who not only are native speakers of their languages, but are also educated, have a prior background in localization, and have a true understanding of the art of localizing spoken word to fit within the boundaries and acceptions of the target cultural group. Also, our specialized project managers are trained in dealing with translation, voiceover and multimedia requests. Many of them are bilingual and understand a number of languages which can help speed up and smooth out the process along the way. We take pride in our translation work, and we also strive to provide the best voice talent and voice talent database around which has amounted to over 2000 professional narrators in over 60 languages.

What makes our linguists stand apart?

At Lingosphere, our linguists are trained to go one step further then what most localization agencies would ask for by utilizing our office space as their professional work space. Our office space provides unlimited reference, resource, and research material for linguists to refer to in case they have questions on terminology or product uses, and our project managers are always on hand to assist with any type of outside consultation of an expert if need be.  By working with Lingosphere, you can be assured that your product will be researched, translated and localized by linguists who are receiving the most possible reference material and support, and will be overseen by project managers having all projects reviewed numerous times and precisely cross checked.

Our Clients Include:

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