Lingosphere is more than just a translation agency

We localize YOUR word – in any language.


Your translation is in expert hands

  • All translators have passed our internal screening process
  • All translations are done by native speaking experts within their fields of expertise
  • All translations are cross checked and proofread multiple times
  • Quality Assurance guarantee
  • Over 150 languages supported

What makes us different?

Why choose Lingosphere for your translation business?

Lingosphere Localization Group is a professional translation and localization agency, and leader in Medical, Legal, Environmental, Financial and other industry specific translation services. We, also, provide a variety of other localization and engineering services so clients do not need to go to multiple vendors to complete a project. Our staff can assist you with all your translation material, as well as providing multimedia services for your localization needs such as:

For voice over projects, talents can be selected from our database of over 2000 native speaking narrators all of which are recorded in our in-house recording studios. Our clients can rest assured knowing that our expertise, customer service, and confidentiality are critical to us for each project.

Our translators and voice talents

wordsWe employ professional translators and voice talents from around the world. To be accepted, our professionals must be certified translators or highly trained voice talents. It is their job, not their hobby and we have seen a huge difference between part time and professional translators and voice talents. All translators must go through our internal qualification program and the more positive feedback we get from customers the more work is given to them. Voice talents must have an extensive resume as well as pass a verification process to confirm they are a 100% native speaker of their language. Many of our voice talents are some on New York’s top actors and can be seen on Broadway and TV around the world. Their training and skill level is always the most important evaluation method we use.

Our Clients Include:

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